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2020 Canadian Farmers' Almanac

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2020 Canadian Farmers' Almanac
Copies start shipping mid-August 2019. Before search engines, there was the Canadian Farmers' Almanac, a reference guide for all ages and abilities to help you plan your day and grow your life. This annual favorite provides 80-85% accurate weather forecasts and the tools to help you to do your best fishing, gardening, and live a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Each new edition contains early Canada at its best, delightfully threaded through with a measure of good humor, amusing anecdotes, weather predictions, helpful hints, and good reading for every member of the family.

Here's a peek at some of what's inside...
- Winter weather! Dive into the much-anticipated 2019-20 winter forecast which we promise will take you for quite a ride...
- DIY natural remedies to get rid of fleas, melt ice, and soothe sore throats.
- Salt therapy: miracle cure? Salt moves out of the kitchen cabinet and into the medicine cabinet... for a good reason!
- Spice your way to a healthier life - See the 12 antioxidant-rich spices that jazz up more than just your meals.
- Super fan of Supermoons? Learn the dates and times, along with the year's meteor showers so you're in the astronomical know...
- Recipe contest: See this year's "a-peeling" secret ingredient and enter to win some cold, hard cash. Plus, who won the quinoa contest?
- PLUS: 10 edible bugs, ways to get more plant-based foods in your diet, cool facts about jellyfish, useful spuds, and much more. And every edition contains Canadian Farmers' Almanac reader favorites like, Gardening by the Moon tasks, Best Days to fish, quit a bad habit; folklore, trivia, brainteasers, words of wisdom... the list goes on!
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