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2020 Farmers' Almanac

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2020 US Edition
Copies start shipping mid-August 2019. Before there were search engines, there was the Farmers' Almanac, a reference guide for all ages. Published every year since 1818, this 200-page resource provides 4 seasons of 80-85% accurate weather forecasts and the tools to help you to do your best fishing, gardening, and live a more natural, healthy lifestyle. The best part is, it's stress-free reading with a twist of "Ameri-quirk" that will keep you entertained throughout the year. What's Inside...
- Winter Weather! Dive into the much-anticipated 2019-20 winter forecast which we promise will have you shaking and quaking.
- Top 10 bugs you can eat (if you really have to). Dig in-some are surprisingly tasty and could help you out of a jam.
- 20 Ways to Improve Eye Health in 2020 - an eye-opening list!
- Sweet Side of History: Take an historical journey through 200 years of delicious desserts that are sure to make you ditch your diet.
- Fabulous Firsts: Speaking of diets, what was the first weight loss diet ever? First UFO sighting? Electric car? 9-1-1 call? We have the list.
- Super Fan of Supermoons? Learn the dates and times along with the year's meteor showers so you're in the astronomical know...
- DIY Natural Recipes- to combat fleas, melt ice, and soothe sore throats, all using ingredients found right in your pantry.
- Recipe Contest: See this year's "a-peeling" secret ingredient and enter to win some cold, hard cash. Plus, who won the quinoa contest?
- PLUS: Every edition contains these Farmers' Almanac reader favorites: Gardening by the Moon tasks, Best Days to fish, quit a bad habit, and other tasks; folklore, trivia, words of wisdom, and much much more.
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