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2023 Farmers' Almanac

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Summer is starting to wrap up... so that means the 2023 Farmers' Almanac is here! And, after the sweltering heat that has cooked so much of the country, you may be interested in the cold, hard, forecast for the winter (and summer) ahead! Why are we saying you should be ready to Shake! Shiver! Shovel? (Turn to page 66 to find out AND then check out ALL Four-Seasons of weather maps (and forecasts) on the following pages)!

But that's not All!

While our extended weather forecast is the biggest secret reveal, the 2023 Farmers' Almanac contains tons of topics, trivia, and tips that provide strategies to save money, solutions for greener gardens and lifestyles, as well as updated calendars for EASIER YEAR-LONG PLANNING!!
Why you shouldn't throw away onions with black mold on them (p. 33)
How bubble wrap can be used to cut down on heating bills (p. 16)
Why a Bundt pan is useful with corn on the cob (p. 12)
What we can do to help slow climate change (p. 34)
When to look for a solar eclipse, meteor shower, and full Blue Moon (p. 108,112, 106)
How to freeze eggs, butter, milk, and cheese so you can buy more when they're on sale (p. 84)
Why pinecones, dandelions, and rhododendrons could help you plan a weather-perfect picnic (p. 18)
And so much more!

Including very popular weather lore (p. 58) fishing lore (p. 100) and newly designed calendars that our readers love - did you know we share best days in 2023 to cut hair, brew beer, and go fish, and plant tomatoes!

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