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2017 Farmers' Almanac

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The 2017 Farmers' Almanac is the 200th consecutive edition. To celebrate 200, this edition contains a BONUS 16-page section featuring vintage reprints of intriguing, eyebrow-lifting articles from some of our early editions, as well as timely life-hacks, natural remedies, and useful gardening tips that make planning your days and growing your life easier, even in today's high tech world.

Get the inside scoop on where and when to watch the Great American Solar Eclipse, learn what the winter, spring, and summer weather may be like in 2017, review (and maybe try) some recipes from days of yore, read about crazy presidential elections from the past (the more things change, the more the stay the same!), and glean practical, useful advice to make planning your days and growing your life easier in this century!

Farmers' Almanac 200 editions and still the number 1 resource for weather watchers to stargazers, planners to planters.

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