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2019 Farmers' Almanac

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Ever wonder how we lived without air conditioning? What those codes on egg cartons mean? And most importantly, what the winter weather will be like? We've got answers to these questions and much more that you'll want to file under, "Things You Didn't Know You Needed To Know," like:

What state contains 10 volcanoes? How can a lint roller keep your car clean? What did people use before toilet paper?

Plus stress-free life-hacks as well as exclusive calendars that provide a year's worth of best days to fish, garden, quit a bad habit, wean a child, and view the planets in our solar system. You'll become a trivia master as this year's edition is filled pages and pages of wit & wisdom- including the history of knock-knock jokes. Learn the secret ingredient of this year's recipe contest, the amazing history of beards, and of course the information that everyone's been waiting for: our exclusive winter weather outlook, along with 16 months of long-range (and amazingly accurate) weather predictions.

A best seller for over 200 years, the Farmers' Almanac helps you unplug from all the noise while giving you the tools you need to Plan Your Day and Grow Your Life. Order your copy now and be the first on your block to be "in the know."

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