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Lobster Rope Mat

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Recycled Lobster Rope Mats
Handmade from recycled lobster fishing ropes, these "Right Mat" doormats prove that reusing is much better than throwing things away. Due to new regulations, lobster fishermen can no longer use floating line to connect their traps together (whales were becoming tangled in the floating line). So lobster fishermen now have to use a special sinking rope that is safer and more environmentally friendly. Instead of throwing away the old ropes, a Maine company salvages them and turns them into attractive, versatile doormats. Each mat is unique (we cannot guarantee the colors) as it all depends on what rope was saved from landfills. Handmade by Mainers, in Maine! Virtually indestructible. Won't Mildew. Easy To Clean.

Approximate Size: 18" x 30"

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