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June Birthstone Moonstone Necklace

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Moonstone is an alternate birthstone for June's pearl. Its white glow is reminiscent of a full Moon. Moonstone symbolizes fresh beginnings, shaking off the old, and stepping into the new. It has long been used to awaken intuitive abilities including clairvoyance and lucid dreaming (having consciousness in dreams). Moonstone is believed to bring peace, balance, and luck to the wearer. Known as "the travelers' stone," it's a great gift for someone on the go!

Note: Pendants are made with authentically sourced natural stones, so each one is unique and may slightly differ from the one pictured. The swirl embellishment is tarnish-resistant and comes on a braided cable, 18" (with 1" extender). Limited supply. Contains one necklace per order.

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