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Upcycled Can Ornament-Rooster

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Roosters are a popular spiritual animal admired across various cultures, faiths, and religions. They're often seen as a sign of good luck, and they represent honesty and courage. This handmade upcycled rooster ornament is a wonderful reminder of these important attributes. Each ornament is created using recycled aluminum drink cans, which have been cut open by hand, cut into the desired shape, and then hand-painted with colorful alcohol inks (exact colors and patterns will vary with each ornament). Hang your rooster ornament anywhere you need a dose of color, luck, and inspiration by its fishing line loop hanger - in the kitchen, at your desk, or in the garden. Wow your flock-keeping friends with this memorable and thoughtful gift! Measures 4.5" tall by 4.5" wide.

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